Summer meets Abby

posted by Rescue Blog @ 8:10pm, Monday 1 October 2012.

Summer meets Abby:
Abby is a JRT that has Addison's disease and lives with all the kitties at the Kitty Cottage. She loves the cats and has no idea that she is a dog, she's our barking cat! We don't want Summer to spend much of her time in a cage so we bring her out to hang around with us in the office area. We set up a large bed at the front door so she can be with us and watch the birds outside. We weren't sure what her reaction would be when she met Abby but it turned out to be love at first sight! Summer has still shown no improvement in her leg and is not yet eating on her own but she lit up when she saw Abby. It was wonderful to see how happy she was spending time with Abby. Of course Abby gave Summer a good bath and enjoyed sharing the bed, the view, and a nap with Summer. Summer may not regain the use of her leg and in time hopefully she will begin to eat on her own. She has so much healing left to do and now she has a best friend to help her through it. :)

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Aggie and Angie ADOPTED APRIL 2012!!

posted by Rescue Blog @ 2:38pm, Wednesday 16 November 2011.





On May 15th, 2011 a call came in from the Shelby Co. Animal Shelter asking for our help. They just had five tiny newborn kittens turned into their shelter. Not only were they going to need bottle feeding but they needed immediate medical care. Of the 5 kittens three of them had their umbilical cords wrapped so tightly around their legs that the legs had been amputated. They were immediately brought to us and we had to cut away the dried cords that were still holding the rotted legs. One little gray kitten had his own cord wrapped around his leg but the two little black kittens had each others cords wrapped up so tightly that one could not move more than an inch with out the other.

 There was noticeable redness and slight swelling on each babies leg where the amputation had occurred. After conferring with Dr. Gregory we set up a medication schedule and hoped for the best. We then contacted our wonderful foster mom Jo Carol who takes all of the bottle babies into her home and nurtures and feeds them. With in five minutes she was on the door step to take these babies home and begin the feeding and healing process. It was going to be a long ordeal to see how the babies would do. Thanks to Jo Carol's love and dedication to the little ones all five not only survived but thrived!

The two kittens that had all four legs were quickly adopted, the gray long haired gorgeous amputee was a real eye catcher, but the two solid black amputee babies were left behind. They had two strikes against them because they each had only three legs but worse than that was the fact that they were solid black. Their names are Aggie and Andy and you could not meet two more fantastic kittens. They are now approximately 5 months old and live at the Kitty Cottage. The fact that they have only three legs does not slow them down at all! Andy is the most mischievous and into everything but is quick to stop and come jump in your lap for love and attention. Aggie is a little love monster who loves to be held upside down in your arms like a baby and will cuddle as long as you will let her. Because they were hand raised they have no fear of people and love everyone who comes in to visit. Everyone comments on how gorgeous they are. They both are long and lean with shiny soft coats and fantastic personalities but they still leave them behind for the "prettier colored" kittens.

Aggie and Andy are very bonded still today and can always be found snuggling with each other at nap and play times. We would love to see them go home together because they love each other so much. They will live at the Kitty Cottage where we will love them dearly while we wait for someone to see the true beauty in these babies. Aggie and Andy are amazing and we know someday their Angel will come.


Lisa Lynch

Shelby Co. Humane Society

Shelter Manager


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Pete and Bubby's Story

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Before                                               After

One Sunday morning in September of 2011, a knock came at the door of the Kitty Cottage. We were closed and inside caring for the animals but heard the urgent banging on the door. Outside stood a lady with tears running down her face and in her hand, wrapped in a shirt, was a little kitten. As she was driving through town she saw this little one laying in the middle of the street. His eyes were so infected that he could not see and had no way of knowing the danger he was in. People were walking around him, stepping over him, and when she stopped her car she was told by the crowd not to touch him because he was diseased. She couldn't leave him to be hit by a car so she wrapped him in a shirt and brought him to us. She was crying because her heart was broken for the little kitten and the cruelty of the people who would do nothing to help him.

Of course we took the little fellow in and immediately started antibiotics and eye ointments. His sinus and eye infection were so severe that he not only couldn't see but he couldn't smell either. He was unable to find his food so we began syringe feeding and boy was he happy about that! We named the little guy Pete and continued the antibiotics, eye ointments, and many daily feedings.

Several days later a call came in about another sick little kitten. It was found in the same general location, had the exact symptoms of little Pete so we figured it was his sibling. We took him in and started the same process. We called him Pete's little bubby and the name just stuck so Bubby he was. Pete was so happy to have Bubby join him at the Kitty Cottage. As sick as he was he purred and snuggled with Bubby constantly. Both boys had to have continued and constant syringe feedings along with medications.

Approximately seven days later little Bubby was able to smell the food and wanted to be a big boy and began eating on his own. Pete preferred the personal attention and held out for several more days. He finally decided not to be out done by his brother and started eating as well.

Today the boys are doing great. Pete still has some eye irritation and we are continuing to work on that. We expect a full recovery soon. The boys are eating like little pigs, running and playing like crazy, and can be found most days swinging from the rope on the cat tree. It shouldn't be long now that the boys will be ready for their new home and family. A special thanks to the good Samaritan that stopped in the street that day and brought little Pete to us. He has been a pure joy to be around.

 Lisa Lynch

Shelby Co. Humane Society

Shelter Manager


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